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I am Svitlana Povolotska

I am a licensed Psychologist and certified Sophrologist based in Luxembourg.

I obtained my Diploma in Psychology (Masters degree) in 2009 at Kyiv National Linguistic University. My diplomas are approved by Luxembourg authorities. I was studying also at University of Luxembourg at Master’s degree on Psychology: Assessment and Evaluation.

I received my certificate as an HR Manager in 2014 in Luxembourg.

I also have a Certificate in Sophrology which I have obtained in 2020.

I have an experience working with a wide range of issues: relational problems, life transitions, difficulties in parenting, preparing to motherhood and paternity, anxiety, fears, frustrations, eating disorders, post vnatal depressions. I am also consulting my clients at HR & Organizational Psychology matters.

I am also specializing in the adjustment during immigration or moving to another country for some period. When I worked at International Labour Center, I supported clients during their immigration process starting from introducing the future employer, culture, traditions and all they need about a new country to feel more comfortable at the first steps. I also supported my clients during their first months after their moving to make the psychological adjustment much smoother.

I have moved to Luxembourg in 2012 and I can really support and help you at all issues during your first period of the immigration or being an expatriate. I support people during psychological adapting in a new culture and in preparing them to life changes in smoother way and forming adjustment mechanisms to new society and surrounding.
And as I worked at Work Psychology and Recruitment I can also share very practical information about employment, preparing to the interviews and integration to the new team.

I speak English, French, Russian and Ukrainian and I can help and support a couple of different cultures and to adjust the language and cultural particularities to every person in a couple. And the main purpose is that the couple will be more connected to each other and will feel happier in their communication, living together and fulfilling each other.

I have also the experience as the HR and a Work Psychologist in Ukraine and Luxembourg and I worked a lot with diagnosing and reducing work stress and burn-outs. I am specializing in Assessment Centers and recruitment techniques. So my experience could come in handy to a company which needs any support for improving a team spirit, establishing the recruitment process in the company. I could work with every single employee to reduce burn-outs and to avoid a
stress at their workplace.

I decided to learn Sophrology as the dynamic relaxation methods help to decrease anxiety, stress, fears and other negative emotions in a smooth way and to restart the life in another more positive way. Sophrology helps to understand your body and your mind abilities better and to become more concentrated, more confident, to help to cope with stress and to discover mindful living.

I am a mom of two small boys, and I am very happy to support moms to be and young mothers and support them psychologically, emotionally and practically at the questions around motherhood. And of course I will also support the fathers to be and young dads in this important phase of their life. It is a special period in life of every person, and I will help you to reduce stress and all negative emotions and feelings and to enjoy this unforgettable and magic period of your life.

Thanks and welcome to my page!


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You are on a right way for improving your mental health and wellness. Our main goal is that you enjoy every moment of your life.



Mindfulness and body awareness are the key features of Sophrology. Visualization, breathing exercises, meditation and gentle movements will help you to achieve a harmony in your «body and mind».

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